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Buff & Polish

One of the fastest and easiest ways to bring a new lease of life back to your car is to treat it to our professional buff and polish car service. It’s like a makeover for your car. It’s an important service that’s often overlooked as part of car restoration and car detailing. Every vehicle can benefit from having a professional buff and polish, it’s the most affordable way to add an instant long lasting noticeable improvement to your car’s exterior. A buff and polish gives the most improvement for the lowest investment.

If your car’s paintwork is oxidised or contains fine scratches and swirl marks a buff and polish will help. Especially noticeable on cars with dark paintwork, swirl marks can be visible even after cleaning. A buff and polish can also greatly reduce the potentially permanent damage caused by tree sap, bat and bird droppings and splattered eggs which are extremely harmful to the paintwork on your vehicle because they contain acidic contaminants. 

Book in your buff & polish today

Book in your buff & polish today

Bumper Repairs

Fender benders, little bingles, parking misadventures.

Headlight restoration

Oxidation, scratches, cracks and blown bulbs.

Dent Repairs

Back end bingles, bumps and shopping trolleys.