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Dent Repairs

It’s almost inevitable that at some stage every car owner will end up with a dent. From minor road accidents to unforseen weather events or just those little mishaps that happen like shopping trolley dings. Don’t let these annoying incidents ruin your day!

Far from the common misconception that repairing dents has to be costly, inconvenient and time consuming, you’ll find virtually all dents can be repaired within 2-3 hours. And best of all, your insurance premiums won’t be affected. In conjunction with our paint and dent repair services. Bodytechnics also undertakes small to medium dent repairs.



Book in your dent repair today

Book in your dent repair today

Bumper Repairs

Fender benders, little bingles, parking misadventures.

Headlight restoration

Oxidation, scratches, cracks and blown bulbs.

Buff & Polish

Swirl marks, damaged and tired exteriors.