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Headlight Restoration

Most people don’t think of car headlights when they think of a mobile dent repair service but here at Bodytechnics we take care of headlight restoration too. With age and exposure to the elements, headlights often go dull and develop a scratched appearance. Headlight restoration is a quick and inexpensive alternative to replacing old ineffective headlights.

Exposure to the many often severe elements that Central Coast drivers face can turn your car headlights from shiny and new to dull with a scratched like appearance. Dull headlights not only devalue your vehicle when you want to sell it but can be dangerous. The yellow discolouration that gives a faded appearance is caused by the oxidisation of the outer cover surface which can seriously limit the effectiveness of the actual light itself. This matters especially for night driving and in poor weather conditions where your safety and the safety of others depends on the visibility and brightness of your headlights. Headlight restoration can eliminate the scratches and oxidisation and ensure future protection by adding a UV coating.

Book in your headlight restoration today

Book in your headlight restoration today

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